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Triple-action immune booster for all-season wellness

When the changing seasons challenge your immune system and vitality, you need NuFargo’s Berrymune

Formulated with two superfruit extracts and 11 vitamins and minerals, Berrymune is a powerhouse of clinically studied nutrients that promote optimal immune function, antioxidant defense and energy production. In particular, elderberry extract, vitamin C and zinc have proven respiratory health benefits. Let triple-action Berrymune help you go strong throughout the seasons.

Introducing NuFargo’s NuSlimMax

Multi-Action Metabolism Booster for Natural Slimming

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t always easy with today’s busy, stressful lifestyle. NuFargo’s NuSlimMax is the perfect natural aid in the fight against the accumulation of belly fat.

icon1 fat burn_Red
Boosts calorie burning through thermogenesis
icon0 fuel flame_Red
Stimulates the use of body fat as a fuel
icon4 metabolism_Red
Supports healthy sugar and fat metabolism
icon2 appetite control_Red
Helps curb appetite and cravings


Nourish bones & muscles with delicious milk minerals

NuFargo offers a chewable, food-based calcium supplement ideally suited for both adults & children

MilCal is an advanced milk mineral extract made from pure US milk. Its perfectly balanced calcium and phosphorus plus magnesium are optimal for building strong bones and teeth. It also helps reduce leg cramps associated with calcium deficiency. MilCal’s natural calcium is superior in absorption and bioavailability, with a great taste the whole family will enjoy.


Treat yourself to better blood sugar & appetite control

Say yes to the chocolate chew that supports both blood sugar control and weight management. NuFargo’s Chocotrol is made with patented ingredients including natural extracts and pure minerals.

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Triple-action immune booster for all-season wellness


Multi-Action Metabolism Booster for Natural Slimming


Nourish bones and muscles with delicious milk minerals


Treat yourself to better blood sugar and appetite control

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